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The Brewers Den
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    A traditional blended whiskey flavouring.
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    The famous old fashioned European classic is a herbal liqueur flavoured with wormwood. Makes 2.25 litres. A truly authentic Absinthe. Popular with artisans of the 1900's. Add sugar and water and wait for the 'Green Fairy' to be unleashed.
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    Strong black aniseed with dark overtones of a liqourice character
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    This premium vodka is characterised by its fresh, clean, smooth tasting flavour and produces a spirit that will mix well with most fizzy drinks and fruit juices.
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    New Zealands own style of full malt draught beer.
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    This is a hoppier version of James Squire's Amber Ale. It is all that but has a slightly drier finish also using German CaraAroma grain.
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    The addition of malt extract enhances a maltier and fuller flavour, a richer colour, a malty sweetness, a heavier body and improved head retention. A resulting heavier final gravity can be expected.
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    Typical American Ale hop. Alpha Acid approx 8.6%
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    Brown sugar, butter, cream and hints of vanilla bean. This liqueur version is really nice over ice or as a cocktail, you could try mixing a “Dirty Butt”, use equal parts of Irish cream , Butterscotch Schnapps & Southern Comfort.
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    A classic American style pale ale complete with cascade aroma hops and all. Comes with the American strain safale yeast, the US-05. You may want to consider "dry hopping" with an extra 25 gr of Cascade Hop Pellets.
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(857 items) 58 pages   134558

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