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Brewing Sugar is an excellent alternative to cane sugar used at the same rate. Dextrose contributes a smoothness to your beer unlike cane sugar which lends a cidery flavour. Brewing sugar (otherwise known as dextrose or glucose) is derived from wheat starch.


Lactose, otherwise known as milk sugar, contributes good body and sweetness to all beverages. It can be added to the wort or the fermented beer before bottling as it is unfermentable by the yeast alone. Lactose is often used in true english and irish stouts, and also used to make sweet apple ciders.


The addition of maltodextrin to your beer vastly improves the head retention and body in your beer. It is a low fermentable sugar which creates a minimal amount of sweetness and a smoothness to the palate.

Malt Extract

The addition of malt extract enhances a maltier and fuller flavour, a richer colour, a malty sweetness, a heavier body and improved head retention. A resulting heavier final gravity can be expected.

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