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Our home brew kits come with all of the requirements necessary for you to brew your own beer. Including the ingredients for your first 30 bottles.

Ginger Beer, Lemonade Sarsaparilla Kits


Gluten Free



These are the grains we have in stock. If you need something we don't have please give us a call. We can crack the grain to your recipe but please call us first to give us a chance to crack it in advance to save you waiting.


We have a wide variety of hops available to suit a broad range of beer styles. All hops are pellets unless otherwise shown. If you want to buy hops in 100 gr or greater amounts please give us a callfor availabilty and cost. We can pack any amounts you require. We can package hops into larger pack sizes if required. Just give us a call and we'll quote the price for the amount you need.

Port Barrel Taps

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