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Pure Distilling Aussie Rum


Drafto Kit

Turn your growler into a mini draught keg (growler not included)

EZ In Line Filter System


Edwards Essences


Pilsener Malt

< 5 EBC

Flaked Rice 500 gr


150 mm Glass Thermometer


Top Shelf Advocaat

A creamy custard liqueur with a smooth vanilla flavour.

8 mm Brass Handle Port Barrel Tap


Essencia Filter System


Two Piece Hand Corker


Samuel Willards Big Cat Bourbon


Pure Distilling 30Ltr Boiler


TC 86 Days Pilsener

86 Days Pilsner pays homage to the journey Thomas took to make a fresh start for his family. It’s golden in colour with subtle malty sweetness and elegant refined herbal notes, a refreshingly clean, crisp bitter finish and rich frothy head. Thankfully, it will take you a lot less than 86 days to make it.

Beer Yeasts


Safale US-05

An American ale yeast similar to the Californian Ale yeast.

Export Pilsener Malt

3 to 4 EBC.

Atomic 15 500 ml

Atomic 15 is a phosphoric acid (AKA orthophosphoric acid or H3PO4) based sanitiser which is a mineral inorganic acid that can be used as a non-foaming/non-rinse sanitiser when diluted to water to a concentration of 1mL/2L.

2 Way CO2 Gas Manifold


Top Shelf Black Sambuca

Purple liqueur with a strong aniseed and delicate liquorice flavour.

Brew In a Bag


Black Rock Cider

A traditional sparkling cider with a superb refreshing taste and light golden colour

Munich I

12 to 18 EBC

Top Shelf Classic American Bourbon

Creates a rich smoky style bourbon with wood barrel aromas and subtle chocolate and vanilla notes for a smooth finish.

Aroma White Wine Yeast 7 gr

Not all vintage years allow grapes to express their best aromatic potentials; therefore, it is often necessary to reinforce olfactory expression. Challenge Aroma White assures good aromatic complexity and persistence, with increases in the sensations of fullness and structure in the mouth. Very small production of riboflavin prevents the production of the undesirable "light struck flavor". Fresh fruity white wines, neutral and semi-aromatic grapes, rose wines, fermentation in reductive conditions alcohol tolerance to 15%v/v. Makes 23 Ltrs

Airlock (Senior)


Still Spirits Original Blended Whiskey

A traditional blended whiskey flavouring.

Top Shelf Absinthe

The famous old fashioned European classic is a herbal liqueur flavoured with wormwood. Makes 2.25 litres. A truly authentic Absinthe. Popular with artisans of the 1900's. Add sugar and water and wait for the 'Green Fairy' to be unleashed.

Bentonite 50gr


Edwards Black Sambuca

Strong black aniseed with dark overtones of a liqourice character
(965 items) 33 pages