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Edwards Vodka

This premium vodka is characterised by its fresh, clean, smooth tasting flavour and produces a spirit that will mix well with most fizzy drinks and fruit juices.

Black Rock Craft Series American Pale Ale

New Zealands own style of full malt draught beer.

Alcotec 24hr


ESB 5 Malts Amber Ale

This is a hoppier version of James Squire's Amber Ale. It is all that but has a slightly drier finish also using German CaraAroma grain.

Amber Liquid Malt Extract 500 gr

The addition of malt extract enhances a maltier and fuller flavour, a richer colour, a malty sweetness, a heavier body and improved head retention. A resulting heavier final gravity can be expected.

Air Still Carbon Cartridge


Amarillo - 25 gr

Typical American Ale hop. Alpha Acid approx 8.6%

5 Litre Demijohn


Samuel Willards Butterscotch Schnapps

Brown sugar, butter, cream and hints of vanilla bean. This liqueur version is really nice over ice or as a cocktail, you could try mixing a “Dirty Butt”, use equal parts of Irish cream , Butterscotch Schnapps & Southern Comfort.

ESB American Pale Ale

A classic American style pale ale complete with cascade aroma hops and all. Comes with the American strain safale yeast, the US-05. You may want to consider "dry hopping" with an extra 25 gr of Cascade Hop Pellets.

Edwards Mature Oak


640 ml Brown Beer Bottle

Old "lip" style Beer Bottle

All Inn Bearded Dragon

The fresh wort kits come with a quality Saf yeast.

PA - Bored Bung

26 - 30 mm

Whiskey Profile Kit

The Whisky Profile Kit is a kit with 10 different flavours in it which can be used to make whiskeys similar to different brandsw of scotch whiskeys.

All Inn Fresh Wort Kits

The fresh wort kits come with a quality yeast.

Traditional Ale Malt

5.5 to 7.0 EBC.



Grainfather High Performance Cleaner

This High Performance Cleaner is specially formulated to be used with the Grainfather Brewing system. It removes hard to clean proteins from your Grainfather. Perfect for cleaning hard to reach places such as the Counter Flow Wort Chiller, pipes and pumps. This is suitable for soft (copper) and hard (stainless steel) metals which not many other cleaners do. It is important you use this to clean your Grainfather as other cleaners may, over time, damage your system.

4 Way CO2 Gas Manifold


Top Shelf Blue Curacao

Bright blue liqueur with a strong citrus orange flavour.

Brigalow Cider


Top Shelf Classic Brandy

A subtle blend of grape & fruit flavours produced a true connoisseurs brandy. Serve in a tall glass with ginger ale, or appreciate neat in a balloon glass.



Airlock (Vintage)


Aroma White Wine Yeast 35 gr

Not all vintage years allow grapes to express their best aromatic potentials; therefore, it is often necessary to reinforce olfactory expression. Challenge Aroma White assures good aromatic complexity and persistence, with increases in the sensations of fullness and structure in the mouth. Very small production of riboflavin prevents the production of the undesirable "light struck flavor". Fresh fruity white wines, neutral and semi-aromatic grapes, rose wines, fermentation in reductive conditions alcohol tolerance to 15%v/v. Makes 100 Ltrs

Still Spirits Original Bourbon

A traditional bourbon flavouring.

750 ml Copper Tun PET bottles

Carton of 15 bottels

Black Rock Colonial Lager - 1.7 kg


Bentonite 100 gr

(965 items) 33 pages