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Lactose - 250 gr

Lactose, otherwise known as milk sugar, contributes good body and sweetness to all beverages. It can be added to the wort or the fermented beer before bottling as it is not fermentable by the yeast alone. Lactose is often used in true english and irish stouts, and also used to make sweet apple ciders.

Coopers Dark Ale

Rich Mahogany colour and a creamy head. Roasted malt aromas with a hint of chocolate, generous mouthfeel dominated by roasted malt flavours, sufficient hop bitterness to give balance and a dry finish.

Essencia Filter System (Complete)


Joe White

These are the grains we have in stock. If you need something we don't have please give us a call. We can crack the grain to your recipe but please call us first to give us a chance to crack it in advance to save you waiting.

Coopers Australian Pale Ale

Due to popular demand Coopers master brewers have developed a beer concentrate in the style of the famous COOPERS ORIGINAL PALE ALE which is considered an Australian icon.

Flaked Barley




Stainless Steel Pluto Gun


Essencia Bourbon

The Essencia range of flavours offers something completely new to the home user. For the first time the home user has access to a range of spirit and liquer flavourings previously only available to commercial producers.

Briess 1.5 Kg Liquid Malts


Maris Otter Malt

4 to 6 EBC

Samuel Willards Liqueurs


Morgans Blue Mountain Lager

The Blue Mountains are renowned for the freshest of air and crystal clear waters of the creeks and brooks that pattern the region. This is a beer that is cool and refreshing with a light pleasant hop bouquet.

Top Shelf - Liqueurs


0 - 14 pH Test Strips


Torrefied Wheat


Beermakers Bitter

A classic Bitter, medium amber colour and well hopped.

Flaked Barley 500 gr


Brigalow Ginger Beer


Top Shelf Apple Schnapps

Delightfully crisp, just like Granny Smith apples!


Fits snugly into the tap and has a valve on the bottom which enables you to only have to turn the tap on once.

MtMellick Irish Cream Ale - 1.8kg


MtMellick Dublin Stout - 1.8kg


Wine Accessories


Crown Seals 100

Soft seal caps which will cap lip style or screw top style bottles.

Distillation Equipment


Plain 15 Ltr Fermenter


Mangrove Jack M05 Mead Yeast

A high ester-producing strain conferring fresh, floral esters, especially when fermented cool.

Pure Distilling Pot Still Condenser

Includes a digital thermometer
(965 items) 33 pages